5 Year Return

7.00 %

2.57 % higher return.

Risk Level






12 Month Yield




Hypothetical Performance as of October 31, 2020

This chart illustrates the cumulative performance of $100,000 hypothetically invested in the Balanced Private Portfolio since the inception date of August 19, 2014. All returns are time weighted and net of the funds’ management expense ratio (MER); however, do not display performance net of CI Direct Investing’s management fee. The composition of the portfolio and further disclosure can be found below.

Performance Summary

  • Cumulative Returns
  • Annualized Returns
YTD1 Month3 Month6 Month1 Year2 Year3 Year5 YearSince Inception
YTD1 Month3 Month6 Month1 Year2 Year3 Year5 YearSince Inception

Asset Allocation

Your portfolio is invested in the following assets:

Stocks - 34%
  • International Equities


  • Canadian Equities


  • Private Equity


Bonds - 4%
  • High-Yield Bonds


Other - 63%
  • Real Estate


  • Fixed Income


  • Mortgages


  • Alternative Strategies


  • Preferred Shares


  • Private Debt


Fund Allocation

Your portfolio is invested in:

Nicola Core Portfolio Fund (Factsheet)NWM254100.0%

Offering Memorandum of Nicola Wealth funds:

NWM Funds- August 31, 2016 Offering Memorandum – FINAL.pdf

This is a hypothetical illustration of our portfolio performance as of the date noted above. The time-weighted performance is displayed in Canadian dollars and assumes daily rebalancing (unless otherwise stated) and the reinvestment of distributions. Private Investment Portfolios assumes monthly rebalance. It is reflective of the model portfolio’s target holdings and weights including portfolio changes. The performance is net of the management expense ratios (MERs); however, does not include CI Direct Investing’s management fee or taxes. Performance is annualized for all periods greater than one year. This performance may differ from clients’ actual account return due to the timing of deposits, withdrawals, buys and sells, and the reinvestment of distributions.

The performance provided is for informational purposes only and is not to be considered as investment advice. Portfolio performance is not guaranteed. The value of your investment can go down, up and change frequently. Past performance is not indicative of future returns. There may be significant differences between the investment portfolios that are not discussed here, including different investment objectives and risk factors. You should always consider, in any investment decision, your investment objectives, needs, circumstances, restrictions, tolerance for risk, financial goals and investment time frame.

Although CI Direct Investing believes the obtained information provided from third-party sources to be reliable, CI Direct Investing does not guarantee the information and disclaims any liability associated with the use of these performance results. Source: Morningstar Direct. For full details of calculation please contact: [email protected].

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