How are these fees calculated?

Here’s what you can expect, based on the amount you invest across all of your CI Direct Investing accounts.

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Amount Invested Management Fee
First $150,000 0.60% annually
Next $350,000 0.40% annually
Above $500,000 0.35% annually

No hidden fees.

Unlimited withdrawals or deposits included. You’ll never be surprised by additional fees on your statement.

Switch stress-free.

We’re so confident you’ll love working with us, we’ll cover the the cost your financial institution may charge (up to $150) when you transfer $25,000 or more. Plus, if you’re not completely satisfied, we’ll waive our transfer out fees.


Put your cash to work with our High Interest Savings Account.

Earn 0.5% interest.

No promotional rates.

No fees. No catch.

All transactions are totally free.

No minimums.

Deposit as much or as little as you like.


What’s included in the management fee?

You’ll get a professionally managed portfolio. Our experts set investment targets and ensure your portfolio stays within them. You also get professional advice from a Certified Financial Planner® included.

Is there a minimum required to open an account?

While there is no minimum for savings accounts, we do require that you have $1,000 in your investing account before it will be invested. Don’t have $1,000? No problem. Set up a recurring deposit and once your account reaches $1,000, it will be automatically invested.

How safe is my money?

Your money is protected under the Canadian Investor Protection Fund, which insures your money in case of insolvency for up to $1,000,000 per account type. Learn more.

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How did we calculate your savings?

This compares the average cost of investing in CI Direct Investing’s Balanced ETF portfolio against the average cost of investing with mutual funds of 1.93%. The CI Direct Investing results assume CI Direct Investing’s management fee plus the 0.25% MER of our Balanced ETF portfolio.

†: Monitoring Trends in Mutual Fund Cost of Ownership and Expense Ratios – Strategic Insights, June 2019

What about the MER?

You pay built-in MER fees to fund companies in addition to CI Direct Investing fees. You won’t see this money deducted from your account, but we thought you should know about it.

ETF Portfolios0.16%0.19%0.26%0.26%0.25%
Private Investment Portfolios1.00%1.55%1.40%
Impact Portfolios0.79%0.86%0.94%

MER fees as of September 30, 2020.